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January, 1989 the land was purchased and began building the factory.
June, 1989 Moved to new factory.
January, 1990 Began producing Ductile Iron, and Maximum Productivity had reached 250 Tons per month.
June, 1990 the self-Harding Squeeze Molding Machine were newly brought in.
June, 1990 Extended 2 Tons High Frequency Furnace.
October, 1998 Purchase DISA 2070S Auto-Molding Machine, the produce line had reached to 600 Tons per month.
October, 1998 The promotion of ISO 9002 Quality Guarantee System has begun.
October, 1999 Adopted ISO 9002 Certification.
March, 2002 Began producing Si-Mo Iron, also researched ADI (Austempering Ductile Iron), and High-Chromium Cast
June, 2006 Technology cooperation with Japan to develop Material of High-Phosphorus Cast that used on train.
November, 2006 we removed the Self-Harding Squeeze Molding Machine. In order to protect environment. The trimming operations processes has been modifying, to push ahead achieved percentage of scheduled.
March, 2007 purchased the flaw detector of Supersonic to control the products of quality. The monthly productivity reached to 650 Tons.
February, 2008 the Certification of TS16949 has been introduced.
March, 2008 In order to make a great quality, and promote producing line. The Automatic Mixer of Green Sand, Metallurgical Process Control of ATAS, (1.5 Tons) Austempering Heat Treatment Furnace of AFC had purchased. Also establish a branch company.
May, 2008 On purpose make sure all of products sold out to the globe marketing are prefects, so we purchase Auto-grinding of MSB, a set of Horizontal-type Magnetic Flow Detector of KUSAKA, a set of Microstructure Judge System of KUSAKA, and 10Kg High Frequency Furnace.